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Snowflake Logan

Logan's Life Purpose is the Mentor as and to Individualists.  Being in the spot light is easy and 'demanded' at this early age (8). By expressing his most authentic feelings, fully and completely, he'll see the most creative 'students' flock to his call.  As of Aug. 31, 2010, he has a little bubble on his right head line under Apollo.  This can represent strong and solid thinking and processing until he notices people 'watching him' then he'll either amp up the charisma or hide behind the curtains.  So far, his on-stage character is in full throttle... as you can see below.

Snowflake Ruby ~ Mini Reading

I have an estimation of fingerprint patterns from my visit with Ruby in Dec. 2009, but not confident enough to declare them, just yet, owing to the movement of the little fingers when viewing them through my magnifying glass.

From her hand print of her left hand I see the marking of Independence of Thought (separation between head and life line at the starting point on the inside of the hand below the index (Jupiter finger). This is not an uncommon marking, by any means. It simply points to a marked ‘self’ expressive, impulsive, ‘get outta my way’ style. It doesn’t make for any sort of comfort in conforming to the norm.

I’ll be watching for trends between these little Snowflakes. River (next blog entry below Ruby) has this marking on her left hand just like Ruby. Snowflake Beth as well as Oprah also has this marking for spontaneous action.

Ruby has a ‘shadow’ head line coming off her life line, veering straight across her right hand toward the outer edge of the palm. This indicates a strong dependence on the family. If this line stays in tact she’ll see how mom and dad can do ‘no wrong’ or ‘my grandpa and grandma are THE best in the world and that’s final’.

With two Hermit heart lines (one on each hand) she’ll find much comfort in private with her family. Family and home will offer a positive sanctuary for her to ‘be’.

Initially, her paradox, which we all have, is to be independent in thought yet dependent on family. A healthy integration of these aspects is for her to have the ‘freedom’ to express her own ideas within the family without judgment or undue persuasion. All family members will do well by Ruby to listen and be curious about her ideas and unique thought system.

Snowflake River Mini-Reading

31-Mar-2010: River is one of my newest Snowflakes. She is just over the age of two. Her mom has given permission for the following to be posted to my blog.  Based on the photo's of River's hands below this post, I have derived the following analysis.

River’s left hand exemplifies free spirit and great zeal. She has a passionate heart line which portrays her fiery emotional nature. Like fire she demonstrates to us the variety of color and flame that rockets upward with her crackling, popping and sizzling personality. The separation between the starting point of her life and head lines lend to ‘the free spirit’. She’ll do it her way with a creative impulse. Mom might say “River, that’s a cactus” and she’ll say, “No mommy, it’s the bottom of a boat with prickly things sticking out.” She will give her mommy and daddy new ways to see everything for years to come. By the show of her short to medium length head lines, her decisions will often be made quickly…. No dilly dallying.

If her thumb, as shown on her left hand, were to remain in this position, with a large splay, she’d feel naturally inclined and attracted to embracing a large territory. The thumb represents determination, results and allows us to hold tools. The wide angle between thumb and index finger characterizes the desire to ‘manage’ a large area. At this age perhaps a ‘little’ sand box just won’t due.

Her right hand has a slight connection between the head and life line, at the starting point, indicating family will have influence and importance…at least for a while. Most likely we’ll see River chart her own course naturally with great enthusiasm, charm and bliss. Her Venus zone, the area just inside the life line where her thumb plugs into the palm, is healthy and strong. Having fun and making things beautiful will be on her play list.

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Snowflake Maverick

Maverick was born on Dec. 25, 2009.  Today, March 17, 2010 was the first opportunity to photograph his incredible hands.  There is no accident in the name Maverick.  He has raced into this world with a fierce gallop.  It looks like he has a Hermit heart line on one hand and a Passionate on the other.  It's difficult to tell for sure about the Passionate.

Maverick's just under three month old right hand with a Passionate Heart Line (above)
His left hand with a clearly etched Hermit heart line (above).

Snowflake Anna

Anna is 2 years and 2 months old.  I captured her left hand (twice) back in Aug. 2009.  I tried to entice her to let me photograph (or print) her hands today (Mar. 17, 2010), but she didn't buy into my silly games.  It's official, I'm now 'chasing' snowflake Anna :-) 
Aug. 21, 2009

I even tried the ol' "Look, your cat let me photograph her paw!"

Curious cat, Lucky (above)

Snowflake Bethany's prints (above) age 5
The Connector with Heart

Fingerprints and Snowflakes

Jan. 31, 2010 - Project Snowflake ~ It's official, Project Snowflake is now under way.  Fingerprints, like snowflakes, are unique. There are no two snowflakes alike.  My first kid-prints were taken in 2003 when I took my hand analysis Intensive.  Snowflake Riley was 7 then.  Now she's 13.  All of her prints, along with her sister (Drue) and brother's (Logan), are below.  I've collected other kid-prints over the years and done readings of kids hands for their parents.  The results have been profound and quite helpful to parents.  I've seen head lines break and re-attach.  I've seen deep lines of clairvoyance pale over the years.  I've watched the life challenges shower these kids over the years and have been able to guide parents through the changes with potential antidotes for success through greater awareness.

Petit sent me the photo graphs of Talus' hands when he was 4 days old.  Talus is my youngest snowflake.  More photos were taken when he was 3+ months old.  They're all below in this blog. 

Wil and Shanan brought Ruby to me when she was 5 months old, two years ago to record her fingerprints and for her first hand printing.  Then I printed her hands in Dec. 2009 when she was 2.5 years old. Snowflake Ruby is showing early signs of great independence.

Today, Brandy brought Bethany by to have her hands printed and her fingerprints recorded.  She's my newest snowflake.

In Dec. 2009 I decided to do something special with all these prints and photographs, along with my desire to observe and analyze the hand prints and fingerprints of these amazing children. 

Note:  Fingerprints don't change in their patterns.  The lines in the hands DO change over time.  The Soul's agenda is read from the fingerprints.  The personality agenda is read from the lines and markings in the hands.  The personality support's the Soul's agenda.  I will not be making predictions or fortune telling.  This is hand 'ANALYSIS' where I'm deciphering the information as I see it in the moment and clarifying potentials.

What is Project Snowflake?  I'll print selected children's hands, with their parent's permission, once a year or more over the next ten years - that's until Dec. 2019.  At times of difficulties or positive changes I'll print again, if possible.  I'll share brief interpretations with the parents and in my newsletters, blog and website.

What is the mission of Project Snowflake?  Research, mentoring of children and teens, coaching for parents, promote hand analysis to the public for positive benefit, offer inspirational stories to future kid-and-parent-clients, stay connected with youth through changes,  validate the life purpose and life challenges as decoded from the fingerprints, and encourage everyone that their lives are literally in their hands.  Deep awareness and meaning can shine through during and after a hand reading.

Please join me and watch these snowflakes. I'm totally excited to bring the art and science of hand and fingerprint analysis to the world in this fun and adventurous way. 

A special thanks to the parents for allowing me to take their snowflakes into my hands and to watch them glisten. 
Snowflake Bethany age 5 (above) 1-31-2010
Printing Snowflake Ruby Dec. 2009 (above)

Ruby's prints Dec. 2007 (age 5 months) and Dec. 2009 (age 2 yr 5 month) (above)
 Snowflake Talus 3+ months old (above) Born Sep. 11, 2009
                        Right hand                                                  Left hand
Union Line (head and heart line wrapped into one)
A collection of hand prints I've taken of Riley (2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009), Drue (2006, 2008 & 2009), Logan (2008 & 2009) and their Momma, Tracy (2005 & 2007).  I'm missing Daddy Andy. 

Inking, printing and reading Beth's hands - the Successful Healer for Peace and Harmony